Apple Launches iPhone X and iPhone 8

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Apple’s latest smartphones were​ short on surprises, but does that​ matter? Not even a little bit!

In the brand-new Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park, some of the most powerful men in the world were as giddy as fresh-faced schoolchildren. Why? They were unveiling their latest playthings: the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Let’s start with the iPhone 8. Visually, it looks fairly similar to the iPhone 7, but with an important difference. That’s its all-glass back, which enables wireless Qi charging for the first time in an iPhone.

The cameras on both the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have been improved, with 12MP rear cameras with new sensors, better dynamic range, and optical image stabilisation for both cameras on the Plus model. There’s also a new Portrait Lighting mode with powerful lighting adjustment options.

But of course, everyone was waiting for the iPhone X, and it didn’t disappoint. With an all-glass front and back, and a full edge-to-edge display, it’s the first proper redesign since the iPhone 6. It has the same features of the iPhone 8 and then some, including a new Super Retina Display.

With a 2436×1125 resolution, this packs in 458 pixels per inch, and its OLED display technology allows for the best, most vibrant screen in an iPhone.

That high quality screen – and new front camera system – allows for Face ID, letting you unlock your phone an pay for stuff using your face. And with longer battery life, powerful internals and AR mastery, it’s a big step from Apple.

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