Business Phone Solutions

Communication in any organisation is an important aspect. There are two categories of communication, communication within the organisation and communication with third parties. These third parties include clients, regulatory authorities and other organisations in the economy. business phone systems can make these kinds of communication much easier. Many modern business phones encoporate the latest in high powered mobile processors and OLED screens (Organic Light Emitting Diode) The following are some of the benefits of giving employees free phones for business purposes.

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Personal versus business calls

When employees use their private phones for business purposes, some personal calls may inhibit client's access to the information they require. An employee may be taking a personal call at the same time that a client is trying to reach them. This may result into loss of clients to competitors and consequently, the profitability will be adversely affected.

After hours

The phones given to employees for business purposes may be mobile in such a way that they are able to carry them everywhere. This means that they are able to communicate with clients even after the business hours. This ensures that the clients get the services they require, if possible, whenever they want. Although this may be a disadvantage to the employee, it is a very good initiative for the business. It ensures a strong bond develops between clients and the company.


There are various ways to market an organisation. Mobile phones are a great tool for this kind of activity. Whenever a new product or service is introduced, the employees will use the device to send correspondence to existing clients. This also ensures that the clients get the information within a short time after the introduction of the new product. It is both efficient and effective in creating awareness and receiving feedback.

Most sales agents travel a lot. There are times when they will be out of the office for long periods of time. During this time, they are free to communicate with the clients using the cell phones given by the company. Therefore, clients will not have to wait for long without getting answers to their questions or without getting the information they require.

Field work

Sometimes, an organisation may be involved in some work that I far away from their offices. This may necessitate communication between the employees on field work and those in the office. The mobile phones make this easier and cheaper. The employees are able to continue with their work as planned and thus the company's profitability is maintained.

Employee dismissal

Company phones are advantageous when the employee leaves or is dismissed form the organisation. If they were using their own phones, it is easy to discredit the company in the eyes of their clients because they have the clients' phone numbers. In the case that they were using company phones, the clients will continue communicating with the new employees. It is also easier for clients who begin their own companies to steal clients from you if they have been using their own phone for communication.

There is also a downside when it comes to company phones. In large organisations where the company cannot afford to buy phones for all employees, it may be a cause of employee hostility. This factor should be highly considered before making the move to purchase cell phones for some of your employees. The other thing to consider is the expense to the company as well as the type of organisation you run. as much as they are a positive change, business phone systems need to be regulated to avoid the negative implications.